5 Warning Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

In case you’ve been living in the same home for years without replacing the windows, they are likely suffering from day-to-day wear and tear. If your home boasts aluminum or wood-framed windows, chances are, you won’t notice the problems they cause.

Typically, homes over the age of 20 years boasting original windows need instant upgrades. Replacing windows offers you the chance to update your home’s curb appeal with well-designed windows. Moreover, you can enjoy increasing the amount of natural light in your home and enhance energy efficiency.

It isgood to learn the signs and symptoms of window replacement to curate an effective renovation plan. Here we explore the top 5 signs that signify it’s time to replace your windows:


Your windows may be difficult to open and close for three reasons; they’re painted shut, nailed, or the rollers and guides are experiencing everyday wear and tear.

If your windows are super tricky to open and close, consider replacing them to enjoy the perks of opening your windows for cleaning and ventilation.


If your windows make whistling sounds each morning or if cold wind can quickly enter through the frame, it’s to change your windows.

Another telltale sign of your windows being drafty is that they get fogged up due to condensation from humidity. With the help of newer, more energy-efficient windows, you can ensure the cold air stays out during winter and the cool air inside in summertime.


In case there’s light leaking from any part of your window, chances are, there’s a broken seal. These not only allow the entrance of light but let cold air come in as well.

This is a clear sign that your windows are not energy-efficient and need replacement.


As a result of draft windows, your furnace may start working overtime which, ultimately, leads to an increase in your utility bills. Your energy costs may also go up during the summertime when homeowners use air conditioners to keep their rooms cool.

Consider investing in top-notch quality windows boasting state-of-the-art technology to help you save a considerableamount on energy bills.


In case your home starts losing its soundproofing, you likely need to change your windows. An excellent way to test it is by standing near the window till a car drives by.

If you hear it coming down the road, you should replace your existing windows with newer ones. High-quality, energy-efficient windows will absorb all kinds of sound waves before they disturb your peace.

To Sum it Up

Low-quality windows not only destroy your curb appeal but also lower security in your home. In case your windows are damaged and run-down, you need to get your windows replaced.

What’s more? You can choose from many exciting options, including wooden frames, iron frames, steel frames, vinyl frames, and so much more. Vinyl is often the popular choice since it costs less than wooden windows and offers a better ROI.

Not sure where to get started with window renovations? Venture onto RI Remodels and book a consultation to determine which windows best match your home’s needs and aesthetic.