How to Clean and Maintain Siding


The siding on your house’s exterior helps protect you and your home from the harsh outside world. It experiences constant attacks from weather, pests, and more. Not only can the outdoor elements weaken your siding, but they can also make it look less attractive. Understanding how to clean and maintain your siding can keep your home better protected, increase the lifespan of your siding, and boost its curb appeal! ‍

How To Clean Your Siding

Siding comes in different forms. A handful of materials are used to side homes, including vinyl, wood, stucco, fiber cement board, and brick. Each type of siding can require a slightly different form of care, cleaning, and maintenance. ‍

Vinyl Siding 

Vinyl is perhaps one of the easiest materials to clean and maintain. Unfortunately, though durable, its surface can fade from the sun and be grimy from moisture, plant growth, insects, and animal droppings. You should plan to deep clean your vinyl siding at least once yearly. ‍

Though professional companies may power wash vinyl siding, homeowners can easily damage siding with a pressure washer. Instead, purchase a siding cleaner solution or DIY your own. Then, using a soft cloth, soft-bristled brush, garden hose, ladder, and extension pole, work methodically to clean your siding with the solution and rinse each area before moving to the next portion. ‍

Wood Siding 

Wood siding can be prone to moisture damage and insect issues. However, you may be able to get away with cleaning it every two years instead of yearly. ‍

Again, it’s recommended that only a professional wash wood siding with a pressure washer. Too high a setting can strip paint, infuse too much moisture, and warp your boards. Instead, use a store-bought or DIY-made wood siding cleaning agent. Spray it on before wiping your siding with a soft cloth or bristle brush. Rinse off any residue with a garden hose, working in sections as you move around your home. ‍

Fiber Cement Siding 

Fiber cement siding is more hassle-free to clean than wood or vinyl. This is beneficial when you consider fiber cement siding should be cleaned every six to twelve months. ‍

Avoid a bristle brush and go for a soft cloth or sponge. Wipe your siding down by using a commercial cleaner specifically for fiber cement or a homemade solution composed of regular dish detergent and warm water. Then, rinse any residue off, starting at the top and working your way down. It’s wise to steer clear of pressure washers as they can easily damage fiber cement siding. ‍

Stucco Siding 

Stucco is quite porous, and these nooks and crannies can collect debris. Clean your stucco siding thoroughly every six to twelve months to extend its life and look. ‍

Stucco can be pressure washed if your machine is set to low or gentle pressure. Using a pressure washer or hose, rinse your stucco siding before cleaning it. Next, use a stucco-friendly cleaning solution with a soft bristle brush to get in all the crevices. Rinse it one more time with a garden hose, starting from the top and working your way down. ‍

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