How To Maintain Your Roof

Without a solid roof, the four walls of a home will soon come tumbling down. We don’t pay much attention to our roof because the roof is largely out of sight and out of mind. However, if it were to be neglected, you will find that mother nature will have her way with your beloved family home. It will be chaos in your home, with critters making your home their new hangout spot, leaks bursting through the roof and ceiling, fungus having a jolly old time and the wood beginning to rot and crumble. Here is what you need to do to stop this from becoming your future.


Roof maintenance isn’t straightforward. You need to have a clear plan of action so you don’t waste time or money. Consider calling us in to inspect your roof, find out what it’s aches and pains are, and what can be done about them. On the surface, some roofs can look normal, but when you get a trained eye on top of them to take a closer look, you’ll find all sorts of hidden horrors.


For your garden, you want lots of natural green vegetation. However, for your roof, you don’t want to see anything remotely green at all. Moss can be damaging to your tiles, lift them up from their foundations and allow water to seep in. This can be avoided by fitting zinc strips, strategically around the roof. They will go around the water channels and where water seems to be pooling. This will avoid the growth from even starting and limit the amount of other annoying vegetations like fungi and mildew that can crop up from standing water.


A healthy roof must have a healthy crown. The gutters that are fitted all along your roof have to be in tip-top condition because they funnel the rainwater safely from the roof. We’ll check for cracks and rips in the gutter walls, see what needs to be done about any blockages and give them a much-needed clean. A dirty gutter system can overflow with rainwater and the debris can turn the water quite murky. If this overflows it can leave horrible stains on the exterior of your home, making the house look very unkempt to passersby.


Roof maintenance isn’t just about keeping what you have but replacing things that could be improved. We will show you what kind of modern tiles and shingles you can have that will not only act as better shields from the weather but make your home look more stylish. You may find that instead of replacing broken tiles and shingles every other year, our complete roof replacement brings a whole new level of suave, strength and security to your home.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our representatives will be over to your house in no time at all. He or she will look over the roof, listen to your concerns and or ideas, and then give you a written quote on the spot. Don’t leave your curiosity hanging, we can fill in the blanks for you!