How To Remove Excess Snow From The Roof

Now that we’ve entered the winter season, weather forecasts will be all about warnings of blizzards and storms. Even if you’re used to the snow, excess snow piling up on the roof can be a bother.

More importantly, if your roof has a flat structure, you should worry more. Excess amounts of snow piling up can damage the structure or result in ice dams.

To get rid of excess snow piling up on your roof, you take the DIY route or hire a snow removal professional. Regardless of what method you prefer, it’s crucial to preserve your home’s structural integrity.

When Must You Remove Snow from Your Roof?


When you have a shallow or flat roof, it is more likely to suffer from damage and ultimately collapses. This is because the snow tends to sit in one spot and keeps on piling.


The density of the snow plays an essential role here! If the snow is wet and too heavy, it can have a worse effect on the roof as opposed to light or powdery snowfall.


The easiest way to determine if snow is accumulating on your roof is by trying to open the doors and windows of your home. If they are jammed or too difficult to open,  it is a clear sign that snow is piling up.

How to Safely Carry Snow Removal?

The safest route is to use a rake. We strictly recommend not climbing the roof to scrape off the snow as it can put your life at risk. Speaking of this, when you start removing the snow, make sure you begin from the roof’s edge if you are doing it yourself. From then on, work your way up to other spots.

A plastic snow rake tool is safer because metal-based tools can cause more damage to your roof structure. Moreover, they can even conduct electricity if they touch a power line.

In addition to this, it is best to not remove snow using sharp tools. This can do more harm than good.

Furthermore, be very careful while you rake the roof. If you rake it too hard, you might end up scraping the protective layer of the roof.

Other than this, be sure to step back as the snow falls off your roof. You should not worry about removing all the snow at once. All you must do is remove enough to reduce some of the load.  The only goal should be to lessen the strain on your roof, and that ice dams don’t form.


Snow can turn into ice real quick, and roof raking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Additionally, if you don’t trust in your ability, it is best to seek help from a professional. Make sure that you reach out to a company with a valid license and insurance.

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