Spring Cleaning; Not Just for Your Home’s Interior!

Finally! Spring is nearly here, and we can all look forward to spending some much-needed time outdoors. The weather is warm, the sun is shining, and you settle down on your patio only to realize the outside of your home is in serious need of spring cleaning! Many of us may overlook exterior house chores when tackling our seasonal to-do list. However, ignoring the outside of your home could end up as a costly mistake.


If you live somewhere that experiences harsh winters, snow, ice, and wind could take a toll on your siding, windows, and roof. Completing projects like clearing the debris off of your roof, cleaning out your gutters, and washing your siding better enable you to assess the state of your home’s exterior.

Failing to regularly inspect and take care of your home could lead to a problem going unnoticed! It’s usually much better to resolve issues like window or siding replacement early before they can cause more damage to your house.

Exterior Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Want to know what items you should be tackling when it comes to exterior cleaning to-dos? We’ve created this straightforward checklist that will hopefully make knowing which chores to complete easier – unfortunately, we can’t make the actual cleaning any easier!

Roof and Chimney Declutter and Inspection

Nor’easters can bring a great deal of wind, knocking branches and debris onto your roof. Intense storms can also loosen shingles and chimney caps. A dry spring day is an excellent time to either inspect your roof and chimney yourself or call in a professional to do so.

While you’re inspecting, clean off any large sticks, small limbs, and other organic matter. Look for nail pops and cracked or missing shingles. As for the chimney, be sure to check out the masonry and the chimney cap, looking for cracks, loose pieces, or growing vegetation.

Exterior Wall Cleaning

Siding, stucco, and brick should all be inspected for issues. Pay close attention to gutter spouts and areas that receive the brunt of the weather. Once you’re satisfied, it’s time for a good cleaning! Power washing should take care of most grime, but always be sure to follow recommended cleaning procedures for your specific type of building material.

Window Cleaning

Did you notice any leakage over the winter or a particularly chilly draft? Now’s the time to look for seal breaks in the caulking or weatherstripping. If everything looks in good shape, you may want to give your windows a good scrubbing. More often than not, they can be gently power washed – or you can always go with the tried-and-true rag and bucket.

Prepare the Grill

Perhaps the most exciting part of exterior spring-cleaning chores, it’s almost time to break out the grill! You’ll want to give it a good once over to ensure everything is in working order. The inside might require minimal cleaning too. Then it’s time to set up and dream about all those summer BBQs you’ll be enjoying in no time!

Hopefully, your home and exterior living spaces endured the winter and are ready to be enjoyed during the coming warmer months. However, if your cleaning and inspection uncovered an issue, RI Remodel is here to help!