Are Kids and Pets Soiling Your Windows? Tips to Keep Them Smudge Free

When life is filled with children and pets, your day gets super busy, and keeping the windows of your home free of dirt and grime can be a challenge. Every time you clean them, you turn around, and there’s another smudge. How do you keep windows clean when kids and pets put their paws all over them?

Use a Strong Solution

There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to window cleaning solutions. What you select will directly affect whether or not your windows are streak-free more often than they aren’t. Commercial cleaners tend to work well, but you could also use plenty of natural solutions, which we cover a little bit later.

The important part is you want a solution that doesn’t require any reapplication. You want to spray, wipe, and be done. Squeegees work well with solid solutions too, and they’re perfect when you’re cleaning the outside.

Create a Barrier

If your windows are continually being smudged by the dog’s nose, the cat’s sneezing, or the kids constantly putting their little hands all over them, then it might be time to create a barrier so that they don’t have easy access to some of your windows.

We’re not saying to let them look out the window, but if a child has to sit on a sofa of a bay window, they’ll have difficulty smudging it. The same goes for pets. If you have a lovely table in front of your pane, Snoopy won’t be able to put his nose on it.

Try a Natural Cleaner

Natural cleaners are an excellent option for keeping windows clean. One of the most popular methods is a mixture of white vinegar and water. This solution will keep your windows free of streaks and won’t take constant reapplication like some weaker commercial solutions.

White vinegar is an excellent cleaning solution because it has no color to stain, and it’s natural, so when it enters the air, you nor anyone in your family will be inhaling chemical fumes. Plus, it’s inexpensive, so that you can cut your cleaning bill down by a significant amount.

Stay on Top of It

While finding a way to stop our kids and pets from smudging our windows, there comes the point when we realize that the only way to do this is to clean them often. This is another excellent reason to consider a vinegar and water solution because it’s cheap, and you may use it a lot.


Windows are the key to our view of the outside world. While barriers can help you keep those windows free from smudges, everyone needs to look outside, including the kids and the pets.

We know a lot about windows because helping folks in Rhode Island replace their old ones with energy-saving options is what we do. Our goal is to make sure all of Rhode Island has a clear view out their window and saves some money.